YSEP Youth Page

What is it?

An opportunity for youth to exchange services with community members to raise money that will go toward PRIYA sponsored programs such as The Summer Trip and Kishori Yatra.

What do you have to do?

  1. Fill out your contact information and times of availability.
  2. Wait for other community members to submit their information and be paired with them.
  3. Print out a Youth Time Sheet (Attached at the bottom of page)
  4. Fill out Time Sheet with employer and have signed upon completion of job
  5. Bring Time Sheet to the Temple on Sunday

What happens to the $$ you earn?

Half the money you earns goes to your PRIYA Summer Tour account, and you keep half the money. You can save it for your tour or use it as you please.

To every job there is a scholastic achievement award of up to 10% added on depending on your GPA. If you do good in school... you make more money! If you don't then you make less.